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This is the official resource for information on the game of Face of Mankind! Started in 2009, this Wiki since has had 647 articles, 23,911 edits of them, and 2,106 uploaded files!

The Face of Mankind Wiki provides useful information; you can find all sorts of information about Face of Mankind by selecting an information category below.

This Wiki is maintained by Moderators who play the game, and anyone with a Wiki account can edit it. Links to create a standard account or to apply to become a full Wiki Moderator are below.

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Face of Mankind is a player-driven science fiction MMO, currently being developed by Nexeon Technologies. The game is set apart from traditional MMOs by the notion that each individual player can have an impact - large or small - on the game universe.
Players can assume whatever role they wish, and are not bound by class, skill points or level. Be it a law enforcement officer, corporate trader, miner or criminal, progression in the game is left entirely in the player's hands.

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