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Acronym: EC
Year Founded: 2295
Headquarters: Paris
Founder: Joshua Gates
Faction Leader: Crezena

Faction Description

A EuroCore Manager

In 2295, EuroCore emerged as a corporate superpower, due to both the unchecked growth in power of the Colonization and Mining Guild and the absorption of Eastern European countries, along with the cheap labor and production facilities they held, into the European Union in the early 21st century. Quickly becoming an internationally scaled manufacturer and a leading arms producer during the 2312 Marketing Wars, EuroCore amassed enough capital to ensure its legacy and survival for generations to come. EuroCore continued to play a significant but passive role, claiming several critical terraforming and robotics patents in the 22nd century. The corporation continued to control manufacturing and robotics research on Earth well into the 23rd century, fueling mankind’s rapid colonization of space but playing a minor role itself in the actual colonization.

EuroCore emerged as the main competitor in terraforming and robotics when space colonization first began. It quickly grew into a massive super-corporation with facilities and offices spanning all of colonized space,Includeing the Yutani Ship Yard Near Andromeda City. Its main problem was, and still is, its constant and ongoing power struggle with the CMG. The CMG needed EC’s terraforming super-factories in order to expand its colonies, but EC refused to sell its manufacturing secrets or allow public shares sold in its core technologies to be sold. It has not continued to drive a hard bargain with the CMG for the use of its technology; the more cynical say that this was due to the surreptitious help of the Dominion.

EC holds patents on the core technologies that make the new manufacturing technologies possible. The unprecedented levels of automation possible in the planetary condensers and factory ships are the driving force behind the exploitation of space-based resources. It offers its members incredible benefits through its corporate wholesale stores that give employees access to very cheap manufactured goods. Those employed in EC benefit from a major economic boost for themselves and their families.

EuroCore is a successful corporation established largely by the FDC exiles known as the TSS, or Thought Seeker's Soldiers. These soldiers played a crucial role in establishing EuroCore's wealth and dominance during and after the marketing wars, cementing the faction as a superpower. The TSS built the Core based on three primary principles: courage, honor, and loyalty to the faction. These hallmarks have been exhibited by all ranking officials and are still in practice today.

Eventually, the heads of three families controlling the majority stock in the Corporation emerged as a group known as the Stockholders. The Stockholders' illusive members, who control the faction's leader while remaining anonymous to most people, are generally known only as the “Holders.”

EuroCore maintains control of all manufacturing and production on Earth and its satellites, giving them access to a large number of factories, and therefore granting them a significant advantage over other economic factions.

“Perfection is our tradition.”


Battle of Keplers Dome

September 2413 (Dec 09)

Following escalating tensions between Vortex Incorporated and Eurocore, EC troops invaded the VI colony of Keplers Dome, prompting the Guardians of Mankind to honor their agreed alliance with VI.

Despite the joint alliance and military coordination between both factions, Eurocore troops eventually broke their lines and captured Keplers Dome, which prompted a ceasefire agreement between the two mega-corporations.

The battle is considered significant due to it being one of the first official acts of war since the Net Virus tore through the Global Dominion.


December 2413 (Dec 09)

The EuroCore Corporation and the Brotherhood of Shadows announced that the current system of government was corrupt and unjust, and that they would kill on sight any faction that protects them, followed by campaigns placed on New York City, DeMorgans Castle, Tokyo, and Paris. With swift and well coordinated action for the "ShadowCore" alliance, led largely by President Reefer and members of the terrorist organization "Built" such as Tornadium and Zach Griffin, they manage to take Paris and Titan Station from the Dominion Forces. The illusive alliance demanded a new representation of the people, called the Faction Assembly, which would consist of faction leaders who would make decisions. However, the Senate passed a bill allowing civilian factions to assist the Dominion Forces which resulted in the Colonization and Mining Guild joining the war. The ShadowCore alliance which was outnumbered since the beginning, was now even more so outnumbered, and the tide began to turn. ShadowCore was forced to surrender and EuroCore took most of the blame, along with being forced to give up Necars Field as a compromise.


The Dominion was plunged into a second large-scale war after the EuroCore Board of Trustees and President Reefer raised formal concerns over the unstable Dominion administration of Earth colonies following the Civil War, and firmly suggested the transfer of New York City and DeMorgans Castle into corporate hands [1]. The immediate response from the Senate and Dominion was aggressive refusal, stating they would fight any attempts by the corporations to take administration of any Earth colony.

Two days later on 2nd January 2415, the corporate alliance of EuroCore and CMG (more commonly known as simply "ECMG") launched an unexpected offensive to seize control of New York and DeMorgans Castle on the justification that both colonies would be less corrupted by Senate control, more safe for all factions and better administrated, even though the CMG Strategic Oversight Board was made of ex-FDC soldiers punished by the GIS for the coup last year.


September 2416 (September, 2010)

The Dominion was plunged into a third large-scale war after the corporate alliance of VIEC (EuroCore & Vortex Inc) rebelled against the government in an attempt to overthrow the Dominion Agencies and place themselves as the supreme rulers of the Dominion.

Formation of VIEC

Although the exact date is currently unknown, in 2416 EuroCore President Reefer started brewing up a plan to seize all Dominion territories after the previous ECMG failed. Of course, the EuroCore Board of Trustees denied this, and Dominion officials dismissed these rumors as well. Had the Dominion acted sooner, the galactic warfare later on may have been avoided.

Just like ECMG, EuroCore's first move was to gain an ally. In this case, it was Vortex Incorporated, which was extremely weak at the time. Vortex Inc gratefully accepted the offer of an alliance with the richest corporation immediately. Soon, the terrorist organization called "Built" entered VI and won CEO elections; Built was not only a terrorist organization, but also knew how to fix factions to their advantage.

War with CMG

Despite EuroCore and Vortex Incorporated quickly stocking up for major warfare, Dominion authorities dismissed reports that the Dominion was at risk.

VIEC quickly launched their first offensive move on the colonies of Keplers Dome, Tokyo and Ceres Delta, all administrated by the Colonization and Mining Guild. Vortex Inc was in a desperate need of colonies, and with the aid of EuroCore and hired Mercenaries, Vortex Inc quickly seized Tokyo and Ceres Delta from the CMG; VIEC handed Keplers Dome to their Mercenaries as a gift of gratitude.

The CMG tried in vain to regain their colonies, but failed miserably. With the Dominion giving them a cold shoulder, the Guardians of Mankind took pity in the weakened corporation and offered them Pax Prime. The CMG accepted it, and quickly made peace with VIEC leaders. The Guardians of Mankind later acquired Tokyo and gave it to the Brotherhood of Shadows.

War with the Dominion

With their first opponent defeated, VIEC moved onto a larger and more powerful target. With their forces and equipment well-stocked, VIEC launched attacks on the Global Dominion.

First, EuroCore launched a takeover campaign on DeMorgans Castle Prison Facility, and Vortex Incorporated followed suit with a campaign on Manhattan. This sudden attack split and caught the LED and FDC by surprise, but they quickly placed campaigns of their own on Pegasi51 and Paris.

After days of open warfare, the first victory was declared by the Global Dominion, who successfully but barely captured Pegasi51 from EuroCore. VIEC quickly recaptured Pegasi51 along with the Global Dominion colonies of DeMorgans Castle, plus Manhattan. After a quickly ended victory of the Global Dominion on Paris, the GD began to lose.

The Confederate Secession

March 19th, 2425 (October 20th, 2012)

Declaration of Independence

On the evening of March 19th, 2425, EuroCore and the Brotherhood of Shadows formally declared themselves an independent nation, named the Confederacy, and seceded from the Dominion.

Naturally, the Dominion Security Council retaliated against this statement, claiming the newly formed ShadowCore was rebelling against the Dominion Government. The Law Enforcement Department moved into the Brotherhood-administrated colony of Ceres Delta to seize control, but was quickly driven off-colony by Confederate forces.

Confederate forces soon invaded the Dominion itself, and forcefully seized control of the GDS Yukon, now more commonly known as The Arcturus. EuroCore and the Brotherhood together already controlled Ceres Delta, Pegasi51 and Necars Field - basically everything beyond the Arcturus Divide, leading to a new boundary between Confederate and Dominion territory.

Defeat of the Dominion

Soon, the Dominion was upon the edge of defeat. The CMG, experiencing leadership issues, abandoned the LED to fend for themselves. Confederate forces controlled everything except NYC - Brooklyn and some areas of DeMorgans Castle Prison Facility. In another crushing blow to the Dominion, LED Commissioner Bad Munki was declared Missing In Action, and soon after, his counterpart, Commissioner Sean McCarthy, and several Dominion Senators, most of whom were rumored to be imprisoned in a Confederate detention center on Necars Field.

After such heavy losses, the remaining senior commanders of the Law Enforcement Department made a peace treaty with the Confederate's Council of Ten as the acting government in the war (all senators' terms ended the day before, but election officials still experienced problems with Confederate citizens retaining access to Dominion polling systems). Five million Universal Credits of taxpayer money was handed over to the Confederacy, in exchange for DeMorgan's Castle Prison Facility, and a ceasefire. The most important part, however, the one that all Confederates vied for, was the Law Enforcement Department's guarantee that Dominion troops would not be entering the Outer Rim, where the Confederacy remained dominant. Although once again there was no mention on whether the Dominion recognized the Confederacy as a sovereign nation or not, to this day the Confederate government runs the Outer Rim as if it is indeed one.

A EuroCore employee

The End of EuroCore

On the evening of December 14th, 2427, EuroCore President Crezena made a public announcement, after a meeting with EuroCore's elusive Stockholders, that the corporation would be liquidized and a hiring freeze would be put in place. EuroCore's production facilities were to be shut down, while employees were laid off en masse - many without severance packages. EuroCore reported that they had under a million Universal Credits of active capital, and President Crezena in recent days had only a 37% Approval Rating in the faction.

The announcement of the collapse of EuroCore triggered immediate reactions. Members of EuroCore not involved in the decision displayed anger at President Crezena's mismanagement of the corporation, which led to the 37% Approval Rating and then bankruptcy. Some even ventured to accuse President Crezena of corruption, although he flatly denied the charge. There was a positive reaction from the Colonization and Mining Guild, however, who announced plans to seize the remnants of EuroCore's rather small market share. Vortex Inc. also announced similar plans.

EuroCore confirmed that a skeleton staff would be retained to ensure the liquidation process would go smoothly. However, nevertheless, the failure of EuroCore, an integral part of society, is one of the darkest moments in the history of the Dominion. As it joined the ranks of American Enterprises, the Asian Coalition and the Freedom Defense Corps, it is evident that perfection was perhaps not their tradition after all.

EuroCore Ranks

  • Trainee (R0)
  • Worker (R1)
  • Technician (R2)
  • Controller (R3)
  • Designer (R4)
  • Manager (R5)
  • Executive (R6)
  • President (R7)

Historic Specialties

Faction Structure

Board of Trustees

  • Graf Cyril von und zu Valdar - President
    • Martyn Follet - Executive
    • Damaceduss - Executive
    • Melissa Brooks - Executive
    • Mermer Shaw - Executive
    • Gianni Liebhart - Executive


Old Departments

Confederate Era: