Faction Credits



Faction credits are a currency issued by your faction for completing objectives. Faction credits have no value, but instead represent how much you contributed to completing the faction's goals, and thus how much you are entitled to of the faction's reward.

At about 00:00,due to connection with server this may vary on times, every day(in game), your faction will begin reclaiming all of your factional credits, and in return, give you a proportional amount of universal credits. The conversion of faction credits to universal credits depends on the amount of faction credits issued by the faction and by how much money your faction made since the last payout.

If you wish to increase the amount of money you get each payout, either collect more faction credits or increase your faction's bottom line. Note, that if you collect 100,000 more faction credits than everyone else, your payout will be proportionally larger, but if everyone in your faction collects 100,000 more, nobody's payout will significantly increase.

The Faction Leader, or the people he chooses to grant this power, can decide how much of the daily profit that he wants the faction to take part of. 100% profit payout means all the profit will go to the faction members. A lower number means that part of the profit is being used to fill the coffers of the faction. A number greater than 100% means that the faction is adding money out of its own pocket to pay its members. At the settings window you can find how much the Payout credit factor is.

Gaining FC

There are several ways to gain FC, including:

Losing FC

There are only two ways to lose FC:

  • You are fined a part of your FC by your faction High Command as discipline via Administrative actions.
  • The Payout comes and your FC is converted to UC.

Payout Report Example

At each payout report you'll receive a mail letting you know how much the faction earned and what your share is (note you'll only receive this mail if you've earned any faction credits). The Payout report would look like this for Jane:

  • Daily Payout report 03.01.2414
  • Earned by faction - 487639 UC (The total amount of Universal Credits your Faction has earned in the last 24 In-Game Hours)
  • Dividend @ 90% - 438875 UC (Depending on the payout factor your factionleader has set, not all of the total income might be distributed, but it can also be more.)
  • Today's Faction Credits earned by Yendor - 11642 FC (The total amount of Faction Credits YOU have earned by completing objectives that day.)
  • Today's Total Faction Credits earned in Faction - 526108 FC - (The total amount of Faction Credits your faction has earned by completing objectives that day.)
  • Percentage dividend taken by Yendor - 2.21% (The percentage of total Faction Credits earned by your faction, that came from you and with that what percentage of the dividend you will receive that day.)
  • Dividend taken by Yendor - 9712 UC (The amount of Universal Credits you have received.)
                                   (this what the mail would look like)
Payout report.png

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