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Icon Groups.jpg Groups are a way to earn money (Faction Credits) and experience points by working together.


You can create or join a group in the group window (Round button with three people within it, found in your character window). Group objectives are very similar to your personal ones. They're decided by the faction goals. The group leader will select what location the objectives can be completed on and what kind of objectives. By completing these objectives you'll receive Faction Credits and Experience Points. If you're above rank 3, more advanced options for your group will be at your disposal.

  • Rank 1 or higher - creating a group
  • Rank 3 or higher - setting an objectives
  • The creation of missions and ability to set Mission objectives varies among factions, since this is an option customizable for faction leaders and those of the rank(s) the faction leader chooses to have the ability to customize this.

As a member of a group you'll be able to see your group members as blue dots on the mini-map if you are premium.

While the main idea of the groups is to earn Faction Credits and Experience Points they're also very useful in organizing a faction. This could be to gather all members in one place for a meeting. Or to guard a specific target or location.


Opening "Groups" window

  • 1: Press the [ESC] key
  • 2: Click 3rd icon

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Joining to a group

  • 1: Open "All groups" tab
  • 2: Select a group
  • 3: Open "Details" tab
  • 4: Click "Join Group" on the bottom of a window

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