Free and Premium Account

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As you probably know already, Face of Mankind is a free game. But you can choose to upgrade your account to a premium account. However, having a free account means that some features are limited.

Features Comparison

Feature Free Account Premium Account
Ability to change default apartment X
Node selection Limited
Promotion beyond rank 4 X *
Maximum apartments per world 1 5
RX Zephyr Advanced Mining Tool X
Offline Penalty Point reduction X
Storage space per world 750 items 3000 items
Inventory space 20 items 50 items
Market offers limit 200 items 3000 items
Ability to make departments X
clone supply limit 10 200
50% faster cloning rate X
Access to civilian clothing Limited
Access to Portable Vortex Implant (Porta-Vort) X
Weapon slots 2 3
Item quickslots 3 4
See faction members on minimap X
Maximum contract creation 5 10
Persistent mining and production (processes continue when you go off-world, with certain exceptions) X
Discount on Marketplace items X
Enter last apartment from the Starmap X
Transfer items to apartments X
Increased mining, production and chemical lab speeds X
Slower durability loss X
Number of accounts (per IP address) 1 (Extra accounts get banned) Unlimited (although all must be premium)
Cost (in USD) Free $9.99 per month (discounted when bought in bundles)

Premium accounts can be purchased here after you Log In.

  • This does not apply for game-wide free Premium (when all accounts are made Premium in light of a special occasion or event).