Free and Premium Account

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As you probably know already, Face of Mankind is a free game. But you can choose to upgrade your account to a premium account. However, having a free account means that some perks are limited.

Perks Comparison

Premium and Free Account Comparison
Perk Free Account Premium Account
Daily UC Login Bonus 0 UC 2,000 UC
Premium Noding X
Weapon Slots 1 3
Quick Slots 3 4
Inventory Slots 50 100
Max Skill Queue Time 24 Real Hours 72 Real Hours
Temporary Storage Timer 30 Real Minutes 1 Real Hour
Can see faction members on Minimap X
Can buy Tier 2 or greater Apartments X
Prison Gun Yield 1 Mineral 2 Minerals
Production Slots 1 2
Transport Space 1,000 Units 3,000 Units
Production Speed 100% 110%
Durability loss speed on Mechanical Augmentations 100% 75%
Lootpack Timer 3 Real Minutes 4 Real Minutes
Ability to create a faction No Yes
Recycle amount of materials per day 10,000 uc worth Unlimited amount

Premium accounts can be purchased here after you Log In.

  • This does not apply for game-wide free Premium (when all accounts are made Premium in light of a special occasion or event).