Below is a list of the skills that may be trained in Fall of the Dominion.

Medical Sciences

Skill med.jpg

Medical Sciences skills enable or enhance the usage of various Medication items.

Armor Systems

Skill armor.jpg

Armor Systems skills enable or enhance the usage of any Armor system.


Skill hacking.jpg

Hacking skills allow the player to bypass or infiltrate security systems, including apartments.

Human Augmentation

Skill aug.jpg

Human Augmentation skills allow a player to enhance their abilities through various implants.


Skill marksman.jpg

Weaponry skills affect what weapons the player can use and how skilled the player is with those weapons. The more trained the skill, the more damage the weapon will deal.

Material Collection

Skill mining.jpg

Material Collection skills affect the player's ability to obtain raw materials for production as well as the amount of mining rigs the player is allowed to place.



Production skills affect the player's production capabilities, enabling the player to produce production elements and other items at a faster and/or more efficient pace.

Faction Leadership

Skill leadership.jpg

Faction Leadership skills enable a player to create a faction as well as customize their faction's territory.

Bounty Hunting

Skill bhunter.jpg

Bounty Hunting skills are a necessity for any player willing to target other players for profit.