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Welcome to Face of Mankind! On this page, you will find useful hints, guides and links to other pages that will help you survive in this world as a new player.

Face of Mankind is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Action RPG in a single persistent universe. You will control a single character in the science-fiction game world.

Once installed on your PC you will have access to an ever changing game environment via your internet connection. Thousands of players throughout the universe co-operate, compete or co-exist in a realistic and futuristic world of the 24th+ century. The skill and luck of the players from rival factions change the balance of power. Players have full control over their gaming experience by creating their own rules, factions, faction hierarchy and story. The objective of the game is to evolve your character to its ultimate potential, whether that is the accumulation of wealth, power, social status or all three.

Face of Mankind operates with only a single game server. There are no extra servers (European servers, American servers, Player v. Environment, Player v Player, Battle servers, or Roleplaying servers etc.) compared to other MMOs. Everything that happens on that server will be a part of the collective reality of the game community. With a single persistent universe, every declaration of war, every market monopoly, every alliance shapes the future of the game for the other players.

Character Creation

About Character Creation

Define your appearance
Enter your name and biography

Upon the first time you log-in to Face of Mankind you will start at the character creation screen. Here you will have to select your clothes, appearance, name and statement. Note that this part is extremely important and that some things may be permanent, so choose your characteristics wisely!

What is permanent

Several things during Character Creation are permanent. The only way to change these things are with purchases from the Cash Shop.

These features include:

  • Your name
  • Your appearance (face and hair)
  • Your gender

Choose these things wisely, as changing them later on may be costly.

What can be changed

Luckily, some things chosen during character creation may be changed later on. These include:

To change clothing, right click on the clothing you wish to wear (it must be in your Inventory first) and press "Equip"; this will put the new piece of clothing in while shifting the old one out. (Read more: Clothing)

To change your statement, go to the Multicom in your Apartment. (Read more: Multicom)

Choosing an appropriate name

Your name is a very important feature of your character, since it will be what you are identified by for the rest of your character's existence unless you choose to buy the Name Change Contract, which is available on the Face of Mankind Marketplace or on the In-Game World Markets, while supplies last.

Face of Mankind is a role-playing game, not a chatroom nor is it Counter Strike: as such when choosing a character name it is advisable to think of a "proper" name: e.g.: "Fred Nielson" instead of "fred192", or "Gregory J Smith" instead of "GregSmith."

Starting out

Taking your first steps


After completing (or skipping) the NPC tutorial you will be free to do as you wish within the game world. You will be located in New York City : Brooklyn. Note that this is a safe zone, this means that weapons will have their 'safety feature' triggered and you will not be able to be shot or shoot at others. This is a good place to get to know the game and the other players.

What To Do Next

Now that you have gotten started and you're on your feet, you will now want to move throughout Brooklyn and buy some starting gear from the Market Terminal. You may also want to buy some starter skills so that you can do basic, yet essential tasks such as mining, production and fighting. You may choose to specialize in one skill or become a "Jack of All Trades". Now would be an excellent idea to consider sending an application to a faction and begin your journey.

Following your Destiny

Now that you know your basics it's time for you to move on through the galaxy and begin your adventure shaping the universe around you! Whether you chose to be a Fighter, A Trader or a Diplomat the galaxy now belongs to you!


(Read more: Factions)

What is a faction

Within Face of Mankind a player is allowed to create their own faction (Note: You must have the Badge of Valor Skill in order to create a faction.) that will be home to a number of players that the faction leader allows into the faction. Upon creation of a faction the leader is allowed to choose the faction name. Being in a faction allows you to gain access to 'Faction Chat' which is a chat for your faction so that you can easily communicate with other faction members. Keep in mind, you aren't limited to being just a "faction", as you can create an organization, clan, or even a corps.

How to join a faction

Upon pressing Esc, your Interface will pop up. Under your name, you will notice the title of "No Rank". This means you are not yet a member of a faction.

To join a faction will need to open your Faction Manager found within the 'Interface'. To do this you need to click the icon located below.
Once you click this you will be displayed with the following interface. Faction manager.jpg
Within this interface you have the option to create a faction or apply to join an already existing faction. To apply for a faction you will need to click on the 'Apply for faction' tab. You then have to select the faction you wish to join. After that you will then need to enter your application text and click apply. Faction apply.gif
Once you have applied, a ranking member will reply to your application, either accepting or denying your entry into that faction.

Missions System

(Read more: Missions)
The Mission System is a core aspect of player interaction. It allows members from across the game to come together and complete a set objective created by the mission leader.

The Mission Interface

Mission interface.png
Missions may now be created by individuals, who can (based on rank permission), decide whether their faction will pay for it, or them. On top of that, players are able to decide whether or not they want to allow members not in their faction to join, utilizing a list of "allowed factions" to grant entry. Anyone that is allowed will see the mission when searching and can join it. Optionally, you can choose not to add any factions to the list, effectively making your mission invitation only.

How to Join a mission

Mission search.png
Based on your faction, you will see a list of missions that can be joined. Once you join a mission, you will instantly be able to view the interface and everyone else in the mission. If the leader kicks you however, you will not be able to join back unless you are manually invited.

Viewing The Mission Log

Mission log.png
Every mission includes an extensive log which will track the actions of each member and the mission as a whole. This log will allow leaders to review the members of the mission and make sure that everyone is contributing.

Skill System

What are Skills

Skills are a system used in Face of Mankind which add more variety to the game. A player cannot simply come into the game and straight away use the best weapons and armor around. You will have to train your skill to use such equipment. To be able to train your skill you will first need to buy a 'Skill Book' which you can then use to train up a skill. To train your skills you will need to access the 'Skill Manager' via your interface as shown below.
Faction manager icon.jpg
Once you are on that interface you will need to navigate the top menus, right click on the skill your want to train in the middle menu and then click 'Add to Queue'.
Skill manager.jpg

How skills effect your gameplay

Skill with have a major effect on your gameplay. Depending on your level of skill you may or may not be able to use certain items that are in the game. The absence of a skill could possibly cost your faction a battle, or leave your comrades to rot in the prisons while having so could possibly thrust you and your faction ahead of the pack.

What each skill does and what it unlocks

As mentioned skills unlock the ability to use better weapons and armor along with other better items. For more information on what each skill unlocks feel free to check out the Skill Tree.

Territory System

What is a Territory

A territory is a section of the playable map in which a faction can take control. Once a faction takes control of a territory they gain the ability to place 'Territory Deployables' and their faction & logo will appear under the territories name as seen in the image below.
Territory logo.jpg

What each territory deployable does

Territory Controller

Forming the centerpiece of the control system, this object is what will give your faction administrative powers over the territory. When placed in unowned territory, this object will begin an initialization process that, once completed, will mark the deploying faction as owner. During this initialization period, the object may be destroyed. However, once the shield has been activated, it will not be possible to damage the object without hacking it. Once the object has been hacked, a 20 minute timer will begin. If the owner does not hack the object and disable the timer, it will disable the shield at the end of the timer, and allow the object to take damage.

Vortex Generator

Serving as the primary form of power generation for territories, this object will create electricity power to be used by other objects on the world. Unlike other objects however, these are not shielded, and can be destroyed at any time.

Market Vendor

Similar to normal markets, this special vendor allows the owning faction to place items for sale on it. Unlike typical markets however, these items are not restricted to class limitations. When a territory control object is destroyed, all items on the market are immediately sent to transport storage with a 7 in-game day deletion timer. Market Vendors may only be placed on colonies that have a "World Market" service.

Production Manager

Lacking the class limitations of normal production terminals, these special territory production objects expand the number of slots on a world and allow for item production. While the slots are tied to the territory, the production is tied to the unit itself, so if the production object is destroyed, any productions currently in-process will be destroyed with it.

Multicom Access Point

This special terminal will allow the owner to show a URL for anyone who uses the terminal to be automatically redirected to via the in-game Browser.

Slot Machine

To better allow for players to set up their own unique areas, the casino world service has returned as a territory object instead. This slot machine object functions exactly the same as the old world service did.

How to Win:

  • Get three of the same letters in a row, win twice the amount input.
  • Get all four of the same letters in a row, win triple of the amount input.

Explosive Charge

This special deployable, once armed, will cause a large amount of area damage after three minutes. It will destroy any deployable instantly, and can kill an unarmored person if they are too close to it.

Transport Storage

This deployable allows you to temporarily store items until you can move them to a normal Storage World Service or to move the items contained within it from colony to colony. However, you may not withdraw items from the Transport Storage deployable at this time.

World Services

What are World Services

World services are 'Terminals' that are located around each colony. Each terminal provides a different service for the user. Terminals have the chance of being captured by a faction who can then access the settings for said terminal and change the tax rates for their own faction, their allies, economical allies, neutral factions, economical enemies and enemies.

About each Terminal

Vortex Network

The Vortex Terminal allows you to purchase a Vortex Ticket which permits you to travel to another colony via the Vortex Gate. If you do not purchase a ticket you will be unable to use the Vortex Gate.

Schematic Market

The production system itself starts at the production schematic market. The schematic market allows the user to purchase Production Schematic to produce an item that is either class 1-5. The user must obtain the correct amount of schematics to produce the quantity of items the user is trying to produce. Schematics Markets can be located on Brooklyn, Manhattan, Aurelia, Andromeda, and Aquatica.

Note: The Schematic Market on Brooklyn only provides class one schematics.

Production Terminal

The Production Terminal allows the player to refine or produce items, requiring a schematic and its materials to craft whatever the player desires. The schematics all have a limited number of items that can be produced using them, so users will have to purchase more once their processes have been completed.

Medical Station

A Medical Services Terminal is used for healing and installing Nano/Mechanical Augmentations using nanites, microscopic, efficient machines used to repair broken bones, muscles, or tissues. This healing technique known as Nano surgery heals 10% health per second, as well as Aura, Stamina, and Bio Energy. A similar process, augmentations graft a beneficial device onto the clone, cost 1500 UC each. These services can be found on any colony but Demorgans Castle.

Item Storage

Item Storages are used to keep your items safe and sound, away from the danger of the outside world. They are for rent, with space ranging from 500-1500 slots(2000-3000 for members with premium accounts). Item Storages can store all items except items with a red X, which indicate stole items, (or in the case of faction storages, bound items) in them, and nobody but yourself can access your items. At the storage terminal you can transport any item to another location, or transfer any item to a person at the same location. To move things between your storage and your inventory, simply click and drag, or right click on the item for the interaction menu and click Equip (if it is an Equip-able item).

Chemical Refinery

Serving as the organic alternative to the production manager, the Chemical Refinery is where you will go to create food, drugs, chemicals, and other organic items using chemical substances and other assorted materials.

Unlike the production manager however, this system does not create passive tasks and you must remain in the area until it is completed. Once the process is finished, the items will be placed in your inventory, making this a production process not for the faint of heart, leaving your precious materials open to the vicious world.

To increase the number of combinations that exist, each of the bars are adjusted independently, with no recipe being visible without the associated skill. The items mandatory for production are simple and do not require anything complex, but food and drugs will be harder to figure out.


Apartment terminals are utilized for the purchase, and entry of all apartments. This includes personally owned apartments as well as open and faction apartments (that have the appropriate permissions set). Once entering purchased apartments, the apartment owner may change the permissions of entry for individuals, factions, or make it publicly accessible.

Item Recycler

Item Recyclers are terminals that are utilized to receive UC for unwanted items. Use of the terminal involves dragging items from your inventory to the recycling panel, where a UC value will be displayed, and a final confirmation click is required. There also exists a check box that bypasses the final confirmation, so as to simplify large batches of recycling.

Standard Market

Standard Markets will be one of the first Markets new players will see and will only have the following items for sale: Advanced Civilian Helmet, Advanced Civilian Shoulder Pads, Advanced Civilian Torso Armor, Advanced Civilian Leg Pads, Small Medkits, Zanatheid 5 Inflex Pistol, and 9mm Standard Rounds.

The Standard Market can only be found in the Mall on NYC Brooklyn.

Transport Storage

Transport Storage is a temporary storage that holds items that you send from different colonies with a two in game hour limit (30 minutes in the real world). The transport storage can also be used to house items you want to sell on that specific colony's market.

Note: If the 2 hour timer has expired your items will be deleted. You have the option to buyback the items for a fee after they are deleted. You may buy them back at 50 UC per item. The items in the Buyback area will never be deleted unless of a game wipe or account deletion.

World Market

The Market Terminal is used to access the goods that people have put up for sale. You can use the Market Terminal to buy items from other players (if you want sell your items then use Storage Terminal/Transport Storage button on the market terminal).

When buying items, you must first set the filters, otherwise random items will appear. Set the Item Category, price, class, and durability before clicking Search. The more specific you get with your search, the faster you'll find your gear.

After clicking search, many items will appear in the middle column, with price ranges. Click on the item you wish to purchase. If the item has multiple sellers, all sellers will appear in the right column. By default, the cheapest seller's item(s) is at the top. After clicking on the cheapest item(s) you wish to purchase, select how much you wish to purchase in the bottom-left box, automatically changing as the quantity increases or decreases.

Item Repair Station

Item Repair Stations repair any item that have under 100% Durability for a fee of either Universal Credits or Marketplace Coins. Items repaired will have their Durability Loss Factor increased by a small amount each time they are repaired, increasing the rate at which their durability decays.


Note: This section refers to the in-game hacking system. If you are found to be using out of game hacks to modify the game to your advantage, actions may be taken against your account.

Difference between Bypass and Infiltration hacking

Within Face of Mankind there are two different types of hacking - Inflitration and Bypass. Infiltration hacking is used to access apartment storage terminals and deployables . The Bypass hacking is most commonly used when accessing a secured area or gaining access to a World Service Terminal.

How to use a Bypass Hacking Interface

The bypass hacking interface is the easier of the two. Below is a video giving an explanation of how to use the Bypass Hacking Interface.

How to use an Infiltration Hacking Interface

The infiltration hacking interface is the harder of the two. Below are video tutorials explaining this hack.


In the Face of Mankind community, shortened terms and abbreviations are used to save time in typing. Here are some basic ones. (Read more: Terminology)

Pre-FoTD Faction & Department Terms

Combat Terms

  • AoS = Arrest-on-Sight (Usually used only by a faction with arresting ability)
  • SoS = Scan-on-Sight (Pre-FoTD term used by the LED
  • KoS = Kill-on-Sight
  • EoS = Escort-on-Sight (Usually means to force someone out of somewhere)
  • HTW = Hit The Walls (Go against the wall, out of the center of the area)

Location Terms

Other Terms

  • TS3 = Teamspeak3
  • Vent = Ventrilo
  • RC = Raidcall
  • GM = Game Master
  • CM = Community Manager
  • DPS = Duplex Systems
  • NEX = neXeon Technologies
  • DEV = neXeon Technologies/Developers


Like every other game, Face of Mankind has various forms of communication. These are divided into 3 categories: Chat, Mail and TS3/Ventrilo


(Read more: Chat).

Your chat box, located at the bottom left of your screen, has various tabs. The standards are General, Private, and Help, while Faction and Group require what the name states.

  • General Chat: chat for you and those around you.
  • Private Chat: chat for you and those on your Friends List (Read more: Friends List).
  • Faction Chat: chat for you and fellow factionmates, if you have a faction
  • Mission Chat: chat for you and those in your Group (Read more: Groups; Missions)
  • Global Chat: chat for everyone in the game to communicate on.
  • Help Chat: chat to ask questions about playing Face of Mankind. This chat is not for sensitive information for sensitive topics please file a support ticket at


Communicator icon.JPGThe second widest used form of communication after Chat is your Communicator, a.k.a. your Mail. (Read more: Mail).

You can use it to send, store, and receive messages. It also has the additional functions of a Notepad for notes, a Calculator and an internet browser. (Read more: Notepad; Calculator; Browser)

A flashing envelope will appear under your quick slots when you have new mail. You may click this flashing envelope to open your mail. Additionally, mails can also be sent to offline players and will be received upon login.

Teamspeak 3 and Ventrilo

(Read more: Teamspeak and Ventrilo Information)

Teamspeak 3 and Ventrilo are Voice over Internet Protocol programs widely used by all factions to coordinate live combat and other events. Being a third party program, it is not required but highly recommended by most factional leaderships.

The following VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software is used by factions within Face of Mankind.



The use of VoIP software can have a strong influence on a group of players' ability to make coordinated actions. That said, the use of Ventrilo and TeamSpeak3 is voluntary, and factions cannot force these upon or penalize those that do not use nor can they punish you for anything said on any of these third party programs. However, it is strongly recommended that you do install one of these, the most prevalent being Teamspeak.

Face of Mankind Forums

The Face of Mankind Formus are currently an integral part to the universe of the game: the majority of political discussion, game events and faction information occur there.

There are several public forums.

(Visit: Face of Mankind Forums)

Types of Forums

  • Announcements and Information: News and announcements that deal with Face of Mankind and the game services.
  • General Discussion:: Out-Of-Character discussion forum.
  • Player Help and Introductions: Say hello, read some helpful information, or ask for some help from the other players.
  • Outer Rim: Off-topic discussion.
  • Public Forum: A place where citizens may come together and communicate on neutral territory.
  • Character Stories: Develop and share your character's back story with the rest of the community!
  • Faction Recruitment: Announce your factions here and recruit new members to help you conquer the galaxy!
  • Trading: Got something to sell? Or perhaps you are looking for a certain item to buy? Post your deals here.
  • Feedback: This forums will serve as a hub for feedback on the various aspects of the game. Before you make a post, please read the information sticky.

OOC vs. IC

In the Face of Mankind forums, certain forums are Out-Of-Character (OOC) and some are In-Character (IC). For those uninitiated, In-character means posts should seem as though they come from the character you play within the game. For instance, an faction memeber speaking out about drugs, or another faction member slinging their 'gun for hire' wares. Posts that are clearly out of context ('I'm the best at this game!', 'That's only because I was lagging', 'My cat sneezed in my pants') will be deleted in in-character forums.

That said, many IC (in character) posts require OOC (out of character) commentary. These are done as such:

"We were ill prepared for your assault, Eurocore ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤s! ((some people logged off to read the forums))"

In this instance, the OOC part was is in double parenthesis. Note that this means it is out of character.

Other Forum Features

The forums also have many other features, including Private Messaging, a Reputation system, profile pages and personal walls, which are pretty straightforward.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • When replying to a Visitor Message on your forum profile, be sure to post it on the other person's profile page and not your own. That is how they will be notified that you replied.
  • Reputation bars are not displayed on your posts but are displayed on your profile page.
  • Your forum friends, reputation, posts, blogs, messages, etc., are on the forums and the forums only: not in-game. In-game, you have a separate, unrelated set of friends, mails, etc.

Basic Tutorial

A run down of some of the information in this article is gone through in the following YouTube Videos.

Interface Basics

Interface Basics 2

New Player Tutorial Guide