The Syndicate

"...we have protected innocent civilians from the arrogance of the FDC, they walk around Brooklyn when in great numbers acting like ‘common’ criminals, they demand Credits for a service that they do not provide, without the support of numbers or superior firepower, I entered a fight with two recruits, our group (Three strong) managed to gun down the entire 10 man patrol, leaving the civilians bewildered and in our debt for our kindness. Our actions did not go unnoticed, reports from other brothers within the Syndicate indicate these civilians spread the word of our actions, even better, they fight alongside us even if we are outnumbered, showing courage that any brother would respect." - Initiate Laroso, during his time leading the NYC Branch of the Syndicate.

The Syndicate is the territorial arm of the Brotherhood, actively holding territory across the Vortex Network and using these "claimed" areas as hotspots for extortion, drug trafficking and converting civilians to the Brotherhood's cause.

The Syndicate (in its latest incarnation) was initially run by an Initiate by the name of Skiy Laroso alongside the esteemed Harbinger, Gant Smokah, before full control of the organisation was handed over to Harbinger Gant Smokah.

Rumours of a potential reform of this deadly sub-clan are spreading like wildfire, leaving many of those that have experienced their cut-throat operations first hand quaking in their boots.