Final Battles

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A Final Battle occurs when a colony goes unadministrated and two factions when compete to administrate the unadministrated colony. Final Battles can be triggered on most colonies, with the exception of Brooklyn, The Arcturus, the Cloning Facility and Training Grounds.

Colony Transfers

A more peaceful way to give colonial administration to factional allies or other factions as part of a treaty or deal is with a direct colony transfer.

The Rank 7 of any faction may, at the CC, transfer a colony instantly to another faction. However, this cannot be done when there is a takeover campaign on the said colony.

Starting a Final Battle

Final Battles are divided into three Battles; all Battles must be won in the correct order for administration to be fully given to the attacking faction. In order to trigger one of these Battles, the attacking faction must gain certain amounts of Military Activity, or MA, for short. Each Battle requires a different amount of MA.

In order to gain Military Activity, the attacking faction must have a takeover campaign placed on the colony. This allows their actions to start gaining MA. Killing, arresting and damaging defending enemies, and hacking secured objects will gain Military Activity points, whereas dying, being arrested or damaged will lose Military Activity points. Since many, many factors, some unknown, will affect Military Activity, it is up to factional leaderships to ensure their faction follows careful, strategic and successful battle plans.

Other information:

  • When a Final Battle phase officially begins, all players online are notified via a system message in their Chat.
  • Colonies are officially unadministrated during Final Battles, and no faction logo appears beside the colony name on the Starmap.
  • Due to the lack of official administration, there will no taxes.
  • LED officers may not arrest people during a Final Battle

Fighting Final Battles

Battle 1

At 50% MA (57,600 Military Activity points), the first battle will take place over most of the colony. It is meant as a large scale war that will encompass the entire colony and be an initial test of tactics and strength for the attackers. The objective of this will be the Energy Nodes of the colony. Both factions will have to hold the Energy Nodes for the duration of the battle to win. If this campaign is lost by the attackers and 50% MA is drained, the goal will instantly be deleted. The duration of this battle is 60 minutes.

Energy Node

Battle 2

At 75% MA (86,400 Military Activity points), the second battle is a more precise battle, with its objective being the Power Plants of the colony. This battle will meant to centralize combat more, moving closer towards absolute colony takeover. Losing 50% of your Military Activity in this battle will force you to start the campaign over, while not making you pay the goal creation fee again. The duration of this battle will be 45 minutes. During this phase, all Barriers will be disabled.

Power Plant

Battle 3

At 100% MA, the third battle marks the last stand of the owning faction. The objective of this battle is the Colony Control, and most of the fighting will be centered around it. Losing 50% Military Activity from this battle will place the attacking faction at 50%, immediately starting Battle One. If the attacking faction wins, however, the colony will be immediately transferred to them and all Military Activity will be erased.

Control Station

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